Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week 17 - Best thing about being pregnant... feeling the movement

17 weeks Dec. 8, 2009 • Size: Length 4.5-5 in, weight 3-5oz, Size Beanie Baby

At this point we are getting ready to have an ultra sound... and planning on the whole family getting to be there. My folks, and sister (brother was in school) and ben's parents as well! Of course just ben and I got to go in first and see the baby... ben got to see it move at the same time as I felt it kick and what a fun thing to see on screen. Knowing that is really what I am feeling. It was so precious to get to be there with my hubby... looking at our little one. The baby measured good for everything and the nurse didn't spend much time looking for signs of boy or girl... so in fact not even our doctor knows what we are having! Once ben and I got to see the baby for a while we invited the family in and what a crowded room that was! But oh so much fun. The baby even rolled over for us and of course everyone had a different opinion about why. The grandmas think the baby is a girl and shy, sister thought the baby was a gymnast like her, and dad thought the baby was a boy and turning away like "I am done now".

Pretty fun. We walked out of the sonogram with beautiful pictures in hand and immediately everyone was taking out there phones and making backgrounds of their new favorite picture... baby doodlebug. Already a photo subject!

Here is the best pic from the sonogram!

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