Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 29 Can you sass around the unborn?

Sometimes these measuring things seem extremely off to me. But baby basketball it is! We are getting ready to take some baby classes and see how well things will go for us! Information can be key, can also make some of us (aka ben) pass out at the mere thought!
I am sure he will be fine though!

29 weeks March 2, 2010 • Size: Length 15.75-16.25 in, weight 2.5-2.75lbs, Basketball

"Keep talking to your baby! Not only is it great practice for breaking in that high-pitched mommy voice (you'll be using it round-the-clock in just a few short weeks!) but research shows that in-utero chit chat may help your baby become a smarter, more verbal kid down the road." - Ages and stages

my favorite mom quote is from the movie raising helen (also favorite movie)
it goes like so...

Two of the sisters are arguing over something and the preggo one gets a good swift kick from her womb. She looks down and says: "Now what did mommy tell you about interrupting when mommy is talking. Thank you." The other sister is in shock and replies: "Did you just sass around the unborn?" and the preggo sister replies..."it is never to early to begin learning manners!"

Ok so you have to hear it or see it in the movie to think its funny... but it makes me laugh. I often think to myself... mommy is trying sleep. Please let mommy sleep... or that makes mommy not breath! Stop kicking. I am not sure you can really sass around the unborn!

Ben can sure play hide and seek with doodlebug. He puts his hand on my tummy and taps his thumbs in one spot and the baby kicks back (thanks for that)!!! And then he taps in another spot and baby moves over there. It is pretty fun I will have to admitt!

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