Thursday, May 13, 2010

39 weeks and counting down the days

At my latest appointment we are still only 1 cm but we are now 50% effaced. However the doctor did say that I seem to have an "unfavorable cervix" right now to possibly deliver on my own! SO... a day to be induced was picked. Of course we are naturally hoping for that baby to come on its own... but whatever is best for doodlebug is best for us.

Tricia's last day of school is this week, and brandon will be home this weekend! So anytime next week is good for us!

I am not having many contractions or anything like that. Ben was so wonderful and took a random day off this week to spend with me before us two becomes three! It was such a nice day together.

So, this may be the last blog before doodlebug is born! but we will just see. I am going to try and put up pictures of the baby room so everyone can see how fun it is. We decorated in dr. seuss style!

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