Friday, August 6, 2010

Hello from rylee land!

To all of you who have not gotten to see her lately she is growing like a weed! She changes nearly every day... it is amazing. She coos and makes lots of sounds, she has good head support now too! We still need to work on tummy time but the only time she likes to be on her tummy is when she is sleeping on mommys tummy!

I am going to put up a few pics of her for updates and some funny videos!
We have been on our first trip to the art museum as well! loved it... she did really good the whole time! Fell asleep looking at the monet!

We got to go visit grammy and pappy recently, and great grandma lolly! Uncle brandon and aunt tess too! WE are a traveling pair... when we were away this last time we sent daddy videos often! And one night talked to him on the phone... she looked at it like how can he be in there?! Pretty cute!

Not too much going on other than growing, babbling and sleeping!
Love you all,

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