Thursday, May 13, 2010

37 Weeks and starting to dialate

37 Weeks April 27, 2010

At our sonogram we got to see the baby moving like crazy. After a few measurements and getting to see little spots of hair on the head we found it baby doodle weighs aprx. 6lbs 12 oz. according to the 36-37 week sonogram to make sure the head was down!

We are dialated to 1 cm-ish and that is about it. Could be awhile still. Mom was early with us but I do not look like I will get to follow in her steps. That is ok... we still have a bit to do around the house and in the baby room. Paintings are coming along, all the furniture is in, we got a great new chair and we have everything we could have needed from all the showers.

Baby is doing great, I do have strep b so we will just make sure I am on antibiotics at the delivery and everything should be great. Still anxious to meet this little one and find out if we have a daughter or a son. Now we play the waiting game!

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