Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Truly a child even from the beginning!

Ben and I found out when we were about 6 or 7 weeks along so I quickly subscribed to blog sites, email blasts and everything else I could get my hands on to find out what was going on with our little peanut. So we start with week 7.

07 weeks Sept. 29, 2009 • Size: Length <.25-.33 in, weight <.25oz, Size Coffee Bean

" This week the baby's arms and legs are forming, and the brain is rapidly maturing. In fact the head is growning faster than any other part of the body. And - the teeny-tiny baby has already started to move around -- but you won't typically feel any movements until the fourth or fifth month!" pulled from Ages and Stages KCParents.com

Weeks 4,5,6, and 7 from Baby Center - Week by Week
"Week 4 - the baby is an embryo! From now until week 10, the baby will develop all of its organs and some will even begin to function. The baby this week is about the size of a poppy see! Week 5 - Now about the size of a sesame seed, it looks more like a tadpole than a human.. tail and all. (Gross I know) The neural tube - baby's brain, spinal cord, nerves and backbone - is now sprouting. The heart and circulatory system begin to form.., it has even divided into chambers and beats and pumps blood. Week 6 - The nose, the mouth, and ears are beginning to take shape. There is now an over sized head and dark spots where the eyes and nostrils will be. The emerging ears are marked by small depressions on the sides of the head, and the arms and legs are protruding little buds. The heart is now beating 100-160 times a minute (twice as fast as mine) The intestines are developing, little lung buds have appeared and baby is about .25in and the size of a lentil bean! Week 7 - the baby has possible doubled in size by week 7, Now we call it baby blueberry! Eyelids are beginning to cover her eyes, both hemispheres of the brain are now growing, the liver is churning out red blood cells, and bone marrow is now forming as well and the umbilical cord has formed!

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